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Soloway is pleased to announce:You Must Change Your Life,
Dushko Petrovich and Munro Galloway

May 1 - June 5, 2011
Opening Reception: Sunday, May 1,  6-8 pm
Gallery hours: Saturday and Sunday 12-5 pm

A traveler in a foreign country is invited to a dinner party, where he finds himself seated next to a zookeeper. In the course of their conversation, the traveler speaks admiringly of the zoo’s collection, revealing that he is himself an amateur birdwatcher. Learning this, the zookeeper invites him to visit the aviary that houses the birds not on display. The next day, the two of them drive through the dusty countryside to a huge, hangar-like building filled with thousands of canaries, cockatiels, finches, lovebirds, and macaws. Mesmerized by the raucous chirping and the iridescent storm of feathers, the traveler wonders why they would keep so many beautiful specimens hidden away. The zookeeper explains that the birds were bequeathed to the zoo when they outlived their owners, usually older people who had bought them out of loneliness. Yes, but why weren't these birds on display, the traveler asks again. Because we have too many of them, the zookeeper replies. But couldn't you loan them out to other zoos? At this point, the zookeeper invites the traveler deeper inside the gigantic cage, and a cacophony of nearly human squawking swirls above their heads as they make their way through the blur of color. Eventually, the pair arrive at the far wall, where many of the birds are perched, and just as the traveler begins to discern some details of their plumage, he hears a barrage of the unmistakable profanities they had learned to pronounce.